Women’s Counseling

For every woman, no matter what age, there are times when extra support is essential. Therapy is a gift you can give yourself during these times. In therapy, we may talk about life transitions, relationships, depression, anxiety, pressure, disappointment, addiction, body image, sexuality, pregnancy, grief, loss, hopes and dreams… no topics are off limits and I will always support you in going where you need to go during our time together. You deserve support for whatever it is you are working through.

Couple’s Counseling

Often a third party can be helpful in supporting couples to get through their stuck places (and all couples have these). I work specifically with couples who are committed to their relationship and have recognized a need to make some changes. I help couples make these desired changes by increasing their understanding of each other’s perspectives, improving communication, identifying their strengths as a couple, and building on those strengths to create new ways of interacting that serve them better.

What is the cost of therapy?

My fee is $140 for a 50 minute therapy session for individuals and $160 for a 50 minute therapy session for couples.

I accept cash, check, credit card, or paypal.

Can I use my insurance? How does insurance work?

I do not accept insurance, but I am able to provide you with a receipt and any necessary paperwork if you choose to submit claims to your insurance provider for seeing me as an Out of Network Provider.

I recommend contacting your insurance provider to ask about Out of Network reimbursement options with your plan.