Counseling Services

People enter therapy for many reasons.

My work tends to cover these areas:

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy (GMCT): GMCT begins with a thorough assessment period followed by goal-oriented interventions and exercises designed to help couples break through gridlock and achieve intimacy. My goal is to help you achieve deeper connection and to ensure that you build the skills needed to manage your relationship on your own without therapy.
  • Discernment Counseling: For couples “on the brink” where one partner is considering divorce. Discernment Counseling lasts between 1-5 sessions and helps couples gain clarity on the best path to pursue (maintain status quo, pursue separation/divorce, or begin intensive couples therapy) for the relationship.
  • Affair Recovery: Affairs, emotional or physical, can create a painful rift in the marriage relationship. They are almost always a symptom [or symptomatic] of deeper issues.  addressing the crisis and the issues with empathy and strength.
  • Addiction: Couples impacted by addiction often need help navigating both the addiction itself and the impact of the addiction on the relationship. Our work together aims to help you move out of the chaos of addiction towards stability, accountability, and healing.
  • Individual Therapy: While my practice is primarily focused on couples therapy, I also hold spots in my schedule to work with individuals. For all of us, no matter our age, there are times when extra support is essential. Therapy is a gift you give yourself during these times. You deserve support for whatever it is you are working through. I may be especially helpful when the “presenting problem” is directly connected to your relationship.
  • Couples Intensives: Couples Intensives are “marathon” sessions. They can be scheduled in half day, one day, or two day formats.  Intensives are designed to provide a highly focused therapeutic experience in a private and safe environment, allowing couples the time and space to dive deeply into their most challenging issues, along with the intensity needed to bring about the change in a short period of time. Couples Intensives can be done as standalone treatment (one or two day lengths are recommended for this option), or in conjunction with ongoing hourly sessions (half day or one day lengths are recommended for this option).