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Couples Intensives in Denver – Wash Park

Couples Intensives are “marathon” sessions. They can be scheduled in half day, one day, or two day formats.  Intensives are designed to provide a highly focused therapeutic experience in a private and safe environment, allowing couples the time and space to dive deeply into their most challenging issues, along with the intensity needed to bring about the change in a short period of time. Couples Intensives can be done as standalone treatment (one or two day lengths are recommended for this option), or in conjunction with ongoing hourly sessions (half day or one day lengths are recommended for this option).

Couples Intensives are Designed for:

  • Busy couples who struggle to find time for weekly sessions
  • Couples wanting to make changes quickly (A Two Day Intensive is the equivalent of 3 months worth of weekly sessions.)
  • Couples considering divorce or separation
  • Couples in crisis due to infidelity, trauma or major life transitions
  • Couples in repetitive cycles of conflict, blame and resentment
  • Couples wanting more emotional or sexual intimacy
  • Couples who have had minimal results with previous couples therapy

Couples Counseling in Denver – Wash Park

Often a third party can be helpful in supporting couples to get through their stuck places (all couples have these, some are more painful than others). I work specifically with couples who are committed to their relationship and have recognized a need to make changes. I help couples make these desired changes by increasing their understanding of each other’s perspectives, improving communication, identifying their strengths as a couple, and building on those strengths to create new ways of interacting that serve them better.

Womens Counseling in Denver – Wash Park

For every woman, no matter what age, there are times when extra support is essential. Therapy is a gift you can give yourself during these times. In therapy, we may talk about life transitions, relationships, depression, anxiety, pressure, disappointment, addiction, body image, sexuality, pregnancy, grief, loss, hopes and dreams… no topics are off limits and I will always support you in going where you need to go during our time together. You deserve support for whatever it is you are working through.

Teletherapy for All Colorado Residents

If getting to the office is a challenge, we can work with that! I offer teletherapy sessions via phone or video chat (using HIPAA compliant software) for Colorado residents. We can schedule sessions at times that are most convenient for you, such as during your commute to work or on a lunch break. Please let me know if you are interested in this option!

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